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  • Select one or more blocks on the front page
  • For every block you buy, we buy 0.5 acres of rainforest
  • Each block costs you just $60


  • Show others that youve bought and saved rainforest
  • There is personalised posts waiting for you in the checkout
  • Your content is also sent to your email with unique IDs for your blocks


  • Your blocks will be turned green on the FeNd page
  • In total there are 2 million blocks
  • When all blocks are sold and turned green we've saved 1 million acres of rainforest

How Purchasing Rinforest Works

When you donate to FeNd, we send your money to the World Land Trust, an organisation that over the last 30 years has bought and protected over 700,000 acres of Rainforest. The WLT pioneered land aquisition for conservation, and routinely buys Rainforests around the world through its partnerships with local NGOs. There are three key reasons why this system has proven to work really well over a long period of time:

1. Part of the money is used to fund the indiginous people to stay on the land and act as rangers, monitoring and protecting it from illegal incursions. The more people that donate to FeNd the greater thespotlight local governments are under to uphold their laws and honour their agreements

2. Collectively we comand greater purchasing power than if we were seperate. Large donation pool attaracts sellers, large land owners who can cash out and are incentivised to sell.

3. Local NGO's are in the best position to find and navigate purchases. Their local knowledge both georaphically, culturally and legally, is vital to making successful land purchases. Without the participation of local NGO's it would be hard to connect with local land owners and prohibitively expensive to traverse the legal system. While local NGO's are funded to make the purchase, it is common that the WLT (and in this case FeNd) to take a sufficient share of the ownership to ensure that the land cannot be sold or exploited if the local NGO were to be corrupted.