Our objective is to purchase and protect more than 1M acres of Rainforest

A lot of people don't know that an acre of rainforest can be purchased for about $120 via donation to a "Buy an Acre" conservation scheme. Such schemes have been in existence for 30 years but haven't received the mainstream public attention they deserve. They are (a) a proven solution, (b) very effective and (c) ready to go now.

We've come up with a potential way to get this solution out to a wider audience, transform the donor user experience and get mainstream attention - we need volunteers to help build it.


Seeking Volunteers to Code This :

The focal point of Fend will be a site where users will be able to purchase rainforest in half acre blocks. We want to introduce interactivity to the site enabling users to zoom in and select one pixel/block of the front page for every 0.5 acre of rainforest that they purchase at $60. As people donate, their blocks will be added to the front page which will become increasingly populated by green dots. Each donor will receive material for their social media identifying the block/s that belong to them. The concept is full of hooks and is universally comprehendible, it requires no words, facts or figures to understand - the more green, the greater the success. The vision is for the front page to become a story in and of itself, one that people can follow and feel part of, as a mass of green emerges.

We need skilled and committed people to build the front and back end of this site. If you want to volunteer your skills, and have ideas about how this can be technically achieved, please do get in touch.


It would be very helpful if you preface with a bit about yourself, and what time you are able to commit. There is a PDF here containing more information that may help answer some of the questions that come up. Below are some notes on our outlook. mock-up images and a more raw description of the planned functionality.


Fundamental Flow & Functionality

  1. Zoom in and select 0.5 acre blocks to add them to the cart
  2. Make a payment likety-split
  3. Post a personalized image of your blocks on your social media
  4. Follow progress and see the page go green

The front page appears as a simple full screen image. Visitors can zoom and drag around the image in much the same way as they would a map. The feature image is forest greyed out to contrast with bright green blocks. Elements such as the navigation and the central target/crosshairs overlay the image map. To select a block the user drags an area of their choosing to the target. Tapping/clicking the target will select the grid cell under it. Provided it is not already taken, the cell will become a highlighted block. Tapping again will delete the selection, un-highlighting it. More blocks can be selected or deselected as desired. As blocks are selected they are added to the cart and a counter at the top will update to reflect the acres of rainforest the donation will buy. When the user is satisfied with their selection they can tap/click pay to go to the checkout.

When the user's payment is verified the user's block/s will be added to the front page and they will be given a personalised image indentifying their block/s. Links will enable them to post their image directly to a selection of social networks if they so choose. An email confirmation will be accompanied with the option to create an account in order to download their custom image and time-lapse GIF's of the front page as it populates.


Our outlook

Millions of people care about nature but can't really see a direct and tangible way in which they can prevent its collapse. Shaping the Buy an Acre scheme into a compelling online experience creates the possibility of reaching these people and sparking a large scale collaborative purchase of nature. Fend aims to become a non-profit with significant fundraising capabilities. Our objective is to buy upwards of 1 million acres of rainforest and protect them from becoming part of the several million that are destroyed annually. We feel that people already know nature is on the ropes, so it is important to present them with solutions, not awareness campaigns. The technology to protect species, regulate the climate and produce much of the air we breathe already exists... it's a rainforest. Much of them are for sale and there is network of NGOs around the world with the infrastructure to aquire them... so enough with the apathy, lets pull together and just buy it.