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FeNd's sole aim is the protection of Nature. This organisation is dedicated to giving people a real world solution to save natural habitats, which is as simple as this; BUY THEM. You can purchase acres of rainforest right here on this website's front page, you can share your purchase with friends on social media, and you can find out all about how that works here.

If you purchase rainforest blocks on Fend, your blocks are turned green. When all the blocks are bought the whole page will turn green and you will have been part of the movement that saved 1 million acres of Rainforest.

Nature Wins Attitude

Saving the environment wont happen by building a fish sculpture out of plastic bottles. It wont happen by delivering melancholic awareness campaigns with vague intangible outcomes. And it definitely wont happen if we believe in the empty vessel of corporate lawmakers eco nonsense. Environmentalism, is increasingly becoming a platform for peoples politics and emotions, serving the needs of humans; but not those of Nature.

In contrast, Fend is about buying rainforests, because that is what works. For the last 30 years significant areas of Rainforests have been bought and successfully protected by a couple of amazing organisations. The World Land Trust (WLT) pioneered land acquisition for conservation, and to date has saved over 700,000 acres. They routinely buy rainforest around the world via partnerships with local NGO's and empower indigenous people to stay on the lands and protect them. It works, it can happen now, and if we can bring much larger public attention to this solution, it is easily feasible for millions of acres of Rainforest to be saved by the public.

Root Problems & Root Solutions

An inescapable truth life in 2022, is that human consumption of products requires the elimination of wild plants and animals. The scale of this generations annihilation of nature, eclipses anything committed by previous generations, empires or civilisations (even when adjusted for the larger population that exists now than in the past). There is no escaping the fact that, to varying degrees, every one of us is culpable for what has happened because we are all consumers. And while some of us consume many times more than the rest of us, the effects of our collective behaviour must surely leave Nature with no reason to like us.

However, many of us really do like Nature and really do want to hang on to it. Of that group many are easily in a financial position to purchase lands and pay for their protection. In fact 1.6 Billion of us have an upper middle to high income. If just 0.12% of this group buy a single Fend block each, they can save 1 million acres of Rainforest.

Talk the Talk, Walk the Walk

Fend is a non profit organisation and registered charity allied with the World Land Trust and a land purchasing network of NGOs world wide. Fend was setup to popularise and facilitate public participation in the purchase of lands upon which the worlds remaining rainforest exist. Its primary function could be said to be fundraising. Our commitment to the people who care about natural heritage, is to spend their money on rainforests, and not waste it on fruitless activities. Therefore, we are committed to keeping operations costs at extremely low threshold of 5-8%, with 95% spent going into the field. As a registered NGO we follow stricter legal and accounting practices than public and private companies, and in addition we voluntarily publish our management level accounts. Fend does not have, and never will have political or commercial affiliations. We are answerable only to our donors. We act solely in the interests of Nature.

Fend's longer term vision

Consume conservation Change public perceptions of conservation, make them understand they can win. Some of us are in a financial position to redirect a minor fraction of our income away from general consumption and towards conservation. We could effectively start "consuming conservation". Perhaps on an annual or monthly basis. We could if we wished view this as a sort of self imposed cost of living and we could if we wished, rise above the reality that most other people wont be part of the movement to save nature. Indeed we don't actually need them to be. The fraction of our global population that cares about nature can forge ahead with land purchases without the rest. For people who are not in a financial position to contribute, they can contribute by fundraising within their social network. We wish to facilitate this by creating a "buy me this" functionality on the website, where users can select blocks and send them to friends requesting that they make a purchase them for them.

Monetize the Act of Defence Acquiring land is the beginning, defending it is the ongoing challenge. We live in an era that is focused on monetization. There is a solid argument that this trend is exacerbating the pressure on our natural heritage. However there is an opportunity to make this trend work for nature rather than against it. It is feasible that Fend donors blocks are bound to a unit of value other than that of the underlying land; the value of conserving it. Remember that untouched Rainforest are not idle lumps of land, they are the "lungs of the earth". They produce the air we breath, they regulate the climate and they store vast amounts of carbon. Seen through a corporate lens, one might describe the Rainforests of the planet as a utility. In the not so distance future, it is likely that we will see a considerable commercial demand for, immediately purchasable units of environmental protection. It is therefore feasible, that Fend blocks could yield income, not by selling the underlying land, but by selling or renting its conservation value. This would further benefit nature if the money derived was to be reinvestment in more land.

Given that every block on Fend's front page is already tied to (a) a unique identifying number (b) and will be tied to actual piece of land, it would be obvious to use public ledger technology (aspects of blockchain) to create this unit of value in a tradable token. Speculation is one of the most toxic behaviours that civil society's and environments have to deal with. Speculators can derive fictitious products from elements of the real world for the purpose of gambling. The effect is often to skew prices of the derived "product" so far above or below where they should, be that thing in the real world from which it is derived becomes profoundly negatively effected. Conservation presently has no monetary value, if it could be created, it could be speculated on and that would create demand for untouched Rainforest provided the underlying asset is protected. This would take a negative force and to a positive one.

Drive up the cost of nature It may sound counterproductive that an organisation who is founded on the premise of acquiring land for conservation, would want to make that land more expensive. But long term, we need to make forests too valuable to set on fire for a few bucks. New buyers in a market lead to increased prices. Prices for Rainforest lands are likely to increase in value if there are millions of people interested in buying them for protective purposes. A major weakness of industrial agriculture, and the corporate entities that exploit and destroy natural habitats, is that they breathe profits. Actions that reduce restrict or eliminate those profits are effective at reducing or extinguishing their businesses interests. Slash and burn agriculture is generally a tight margin business that requires large economies of scale. It is therefore vulnerable to price increase to the underlying resource; which is the land.